As a composer, performing artist and teacher, it's exceedingly credible that I've detected furthermost kinds of music over and done with the age. However, I unmoving respect the music of the celluloid and, in particular, old fearfulness big screen soundtracks (think Hammer Films, etc). Dracula auditory communication is a uncompromising favourite!

Let's introduction with auditory communication by Philip Glass, combined for the 1931 Bela Lugosi classical moving-picture show Dracula and performed by the superb Kronos String Quartet.

Glass's art movement mode lends itself powerfully to this subject-matter. The record album is redbrick superficial but near a benignant of everlasting chamber-music quality, and is a grave accompaniment to a dialogue-only picture show.

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The habitual Glass fingerprints are here: repetitive ostinati, arpeggios, motifs and rocking two-note deep lines, but colored beside tender, melodic moments. To me (being a melody-man at heart!), it was these easy on the ear moments which prevented this medium from comme il faut too boring. Don't get me wrong; I relish modern, nonmusical music, but in the fullness of time I prolonged for a damn-good air and this album gave me thing tie up to that.

Most of the 26 tracks are rather to the point (1-4 written record) and, although eerie, are amazingly tuneful. The flex playing is excellent, as you'd predict from the Kronos pack.

Here are a few of my first choice highlights:

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"Excellent, Mr. Renfield": an eery pane with the expected constant ostinato/riff but beside high-pitched startling moments when the digit immediately burst in. The tick low-pitched splash keeps things wriggly and a severe twisty tune done the top completes the logo of the fly-eating lunatic who lives in the asylum!

"The Storm": a unpeaceful beginning to the track, in depth of troublesome musical tones and hugely reminiscent of a gust. Pizzicato strings green groceries the precipitation and swiftly runs instigate an indentation of hurtle.

"Horrible Tragedy": not secure if this is bi- or tri-tonal! Sounds suchlike all associate of the iv is musical performance in a contrastive key. I close to its hypnotic intrinsic worth and primitive succinct riffs.

"In the Theatre": a severe persistent air and easy straight line progressions - reminds me of Phantom of the Opera for many reason!

"Renfield": a amazingly well-favoured and kind racket for our resident madman! Very classical looking with a few foreseeable straight line changes and two-note deep accompaniment, next unwinding into triplets. Very nice.

This is not the natural blood-spattered Dracula music, brimming of diminished chords and squeaky strings. Yes, it can be repetitive, but Glass seems to be exploitation a greater array of tone colors than established and, for this chic of music, I found it comparatively tuneful (although you'd be in a bad way to whistle along next to the CD!).

Perhaps the platter gets instead trying half-way through: 26 tracks is a lot of minimalist music! I have to confess that I've not seen the picture near this soundtrack, but I've heard that it complements the imagery perfectly, specially in 'Carriage Without a Driver', where on earth the spinning wheels are blatantly represented and the auditory communication invokes a sense of danger.

On the complete... I like-minded it!

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