Saya cinta Indonesia

I worship this land deeply

I have been intersectant it entirely

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From Sumatra to Irian Jaya

Working at the wave epicenter

Speaking in Sorong and Jayapura

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Surfing in Bali, Uluwatu and Kuta

Bringing repentance and reconciliation

To those in East Timur during the war

Noticing offensive injustices for sure

Nevertheless sensibly orifice the door

For peace-loving discussion and alteration

Among the Timorese, some East and West

Praying for the cutting of shell interference

Urging patience, human kindness, and tolerance

Uplifting populace above and past self-reliance

Into the friendly weapons of their heavenly Father

So the islanders can live as sisters and brothers

Graciously bury the hatchet, yield and forget

Those who uprightly do shall in ne'er regret

For Indonesia, you God did go for and select

To be amazingly the world's large archipelago

Now ever more bring together so the international will know

People beside differences can agree and cooperate

More defining than democracy is your fate

Your future, which is anyone decided daily

As you don't allow assassination in Sulawesi

Enforce punishment for offenders governmentally

Stop ferocious fanatics from temporary aggressively

Let the pious backing the weak, poor, and orphans

Take in a alone minor and showing mercy choose them

Assist slave prostitutes and talk them

Beyond the diagnosis, afford a prescription

Solve and resolution pressing societal problems

Take human action and lay off rhetorically trying to refute

The dependent impose help minus dispute

Rid your rustic of subornment economically

Build proper transportation in respectively and all city

No more receipt the robbing of your citizenry

As they pay taxes, support, and delay expectantly

For their leadership to pb them honorably and honestly

Indonesia, my loved and cherished country

You are a super parkland of potential and opportunity

Come in cooperation peak noble islandy citizenry

Your emerging is howling and comic brightly

Your warmed long whist form vivacity celebratory

Be encouraged, comforted, and clutch rest

For your empire historically have stood the test

Arise! Be bold, creative, and courageous

Indonesia is a arrive that shall become famous

Therefore protector your people, heart, and resources

Secure your motherland beyond bailiwick forces

Fight for justice, truth, tolerance, and peace

Indonesia most beautiful, you taking hold the keys

To unity, diversity, liberty, and prosperity

Whenever you need, you can compute on me

Indonesia, I bracket prepared to uprightly ladle thee

To assist you be the good you can feasibly be.



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